Poems About Independence Day

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  • Indepedence Day (5)

    by Michael D Nalley

    The tea went in the sea
    It started with a Big Bang...

  • The flag billows high.
    The red, white and blue...

  • Fireworks~Senryu (4)

    by Poet on the Piano

    Springing up from rest,
    Flames erupt with excitement...

  • Win And Lost (4)

    by michael

    Crouching in the long lost leaves
    thousands of warriors...

  • Pop! Pop! Boom! (3)

    by BlueJay

    We sat there staring at empty skies
    waiting for a signal. Something...

  • King to Bishop two and four
    Now we are fighting Bush’s wars...

  • The Flag In My Window (3)

    by Harry Bryant

    The flag in my window is precious to me...

  • Patriot's dream gone in flames (3)

    by Independence Forever

    4th of July, our nation's birthday date
    but now a sale of fireworks bate...

  • Independence to You Independence to Me (3)

    by Independence Forever

    Independence to you means parties and plans
    Independence to me means blood and death...

  • My Name is Liberty (3)

    by Independence Forever

    I can see the turmoil in my people's streets
    on this immoral plain of stone sorrow greets...

  • Red, White, and Blue (3)

    by Thomas Key

    Its the color of roses that bloom in the spring...

  • Freedom (3)

    by monika

    nature of joyfulness;and...