Mothers Day Poems

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  • Mother's Day Without You (8)

    by Ann Stareyes

    Eventhough you're no longer with me,
    I still honor you every Mother's Day...

  • A Special Mother (7)

    by judith redmount

    You are special and caring
    my fairy tale princess...

  • My best friend (7)

    by fallen angel

    You are my best friend, we share all our secrets...

  • Mother's heart (7)

    by BlueDreams

    She takes the time to do for us
    the things that must be done...

  • Mom you are.. (6)

    by Seductive

    Mom you're always there for me,
    Whenever you're in need...

  • Aatma-my soul:- (6)

    by Neo Castelino

    The dream for your motherhood
    My crave for your cozy lap...

  • My mother (6)

    by christina

    Your hand as gentle
    as a rose...

  • More Then You Will Ever Know. (6)

    by Steven Beesley

    More Then You Will Ever Know:
    We've had our differences along the way...

  • I Just Wanna Let You Know…
    You are more than just an ordinary step-mom...

  • The Wisest Woman I know (6)

    by Ashlee Nicole

    Many times my foe,
    Even more times My friend...

  • Mom (5)

    by Brix Ambray

    Making breakfast,lunch or dinner,
    Slower or faster the sooner the better...

  • How Can I Forget? (5)

    by Dreamofolwin

    How can I forget...
    the sweetness of your smile...