Mothers Day Poems

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  • Aatma-my soul:- (6)

    by Neo Castelino

    The dream for your motherhood
    My crave for your cozy lap...

  • Mrs. Mom (4)

    by melly xx

    You are my mom
    working hard at what you do best...

  • Mother (3)

    by Sharonda

    I Love you Mom you have always been there for me...

  • Each mothers day we try so hard
    to explain how thankful we are...

  • A summer remains in the scent
    Of a love grown over the ages...

  • Sunday is Fast Approaching (4)

    by Lost Soul 691

    Sunday is fast approaching
    and my heart will cry...

  • My mother (6)

    by christina

    Your hand as gentle
    as a rose...

  • Ode to my Mother (3)

    by Piper

    Through all the days
    and all the nights...

  • My Mother (4)

    by Rebekah

    You are so dear and I'll never forget,
    Your precious and rare and never a threat...

  • The 1 & only Mom (4)

    by XxkorenCrowxX

    Your one of a kind
    Paying no attention no mind...

  • What a Mother should be (3)

    by Michael D Nalley

    Let your heart feel, let your mind go free
    Let your soul soar as you listen to me...

  • My Baby Rosie (4)

    by Daisy

    I love my little baby feet,
    Above all I think she's sweet...