Special Event Quotes

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  • For me, a good poem is about the message.
    Not a lot of pretty and obscure words slathered on like too much frosting on a cake.

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  • "Mothers are special; they give birth to you and watch you grow up and succeed. But, it is up to you to make your mom proud."

    by Hannah
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  • Dad,
    I'm sorry that I hurt you..
    It was you that taught me how.

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  • "black roses drip red blood onto the white carpet"

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  • Day by day I try to make a living,
    Day by day it seems to say life is making a living from me ~Bradley R. Priddy-Hess~

    by Zelly
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  • Today is a real special day for mi
    i have finally
    outgrown my lonely emoiish depressed box
    i am very happy
    my life has now become even more meaningful
    i love it

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  • You sure know how to make a beautiful lie come out of your pretty little mouth.

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  • No more gay ass teachers
    imiture boYs
    itz Summer babby
    make the bes tof ur Lies
    ; )

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  • Go piss off, dad.

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  • Hey girls, check out this site! www.rampage.eamped.com It's just for girls and needs more members!

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