Valentines Day Poems

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  • Milky Way Valentino (1)

    by Maple Tree

    Adorn my eyes
    with star cluttered...

  • My forver valentine

    by Jessie Colon

    My life I share with you my heart I let you get to...

  • I love you (1)

    by Kate Dadis

    I love you
    I love you...

  • Roses are red

    by Kate Dadis

    Roses are red voilets are blue your mother was...

  • My Valentine (3)

    by Maple Tree

    I crack a smile from the grin on your chin
    the subtle tone in the joke you share...

  • Short Valentines Day Card

    by Michael D Nalley

    How can I say
    "I Love You" in...

  • Roses are Red.. (1)

    by Trevor Hurley

    Roses are Red,
    Violets are Blue...

  • Roses are Red

    by Trevor Hurley

    Roses are red,
    violets are blue...

  • Not Again!

    by Passerby

    Today is the day I dread the most
    I become nonexistent...

  • Happy vday star

    by Jessie Colon

    They say dont hold your feelings in from the...

  • Happy Valentines Day

    by Jessie Colon

    Im happy your my girlfriend. Anticipating the...

  • Secret Valentine (3)

    by Tangerine

    You never dared to approach me
    And I never did try either...