Valentines Day Poems

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  • Valentine Memory (2)

    by Michael D Nalley

    They're some events we shouldn't forget
    Like the time that you and I first met...

  • Happy Valentine's Day (sad) (2)

    by aDORKable x3

    I think i need a hug that no one can give
    or give me the strength and need to re-live...

  • Asking you (3)

    by Mia

    Ive had my eye on you
    us together too...

  • My Valentine<3 (1) 1

    by MyMuse

    My kisses to be your thirst
    My heart, I want to give...

  • My Valentine (2)

    by Fanny

    My Valentine
    the reason I'm writing this is because...

  • My Valentine Wish (2)

    by Nevaeh

    My Valentine wish
    Is to open the door...

  • Heart Breaker (7)

    by poetic Justice

    Everyone was kissing and hugging wild I was under...
    Candy and hearts...

  • My Valentine For 28 Years (15)

    by Ann Stareyes

    When you asked me to marry you
    What a special day for me...

  • My Own Valentine's Day (11)

    by AhmadAfaneh

    The night comes again, I am still standing here
    Near my chest, I grab my Knees...

  • Be my valentine (5)

    by angie A

    If I asked you to be my valentine would u say yes?
    Would you even guess (that I loved you so...

  • Happy Single Awareness Day (3)

    by Trampled Angel

    What a happy Valentines Day it is this year,
    certainly you, my friend, must think so too...

  • I know it's kind of early to be putting this one...
    It's my second time asking you this question...