Dark Poems

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  • You've come a long ways
    to say and do the little things...

  • The End of The Sun (3) 2

    by Arthur Awai

    The sun shone majestically,
    I was greeted by the morning...

  • It is I who have dreamt too long,
    through the once quiet forest...

  • Darkness (3) 1

    by Olabooye Bukola Elizabeth

    Let's talk about darkness
    Too many stories about light here...

  • "Primordial" (2) 4 HM

    by Andrew Packard

    3 Eons ago...

  • Let’s Go Play (2) 4

    by cantchangeme

    Let’s go play in the dark
    Let’s go hide in the wood...

  • E.t (2) 1

    by Eve

    Give me anything unearthly you've got
    And trust me...

  • Master of destruction (8) 4

    by Dagmar Wilson

    We are living in a dark world
    with the master of destruction controlling the...

  • At night I dream of suns so bright
    Of flowers wilting up with fright...

  • The serpent (2) 1

    by Rey Severs

    Black tendrils slithering relentlessly...
    Wrapping throat, brain, lungs and tongue, a vice...

  • Vampyre

    by Jack Nightengale

    I'm at it again,
    I can't stop myself from committing this sin...

  • As We Sail By

    by Mekael Shane

    We float
    Through purple-velvet skies...