Dark Poems

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  • Sun & Moon

    by Ricky Story

    Waking up
    It’s me again...

  • Zombies and Vampires

    by Ricky Story

    Take a look
    For but a moment...

  • This Sucks

    by Ricky Story


  • The Reaper

    by Ricky Story

    Love is the devil
    Love is but a lie...

  • Bright Sun/Dark Space

    by Ricky Story

    So here we are again at night
    Only fire and moonlight...

  • Temporarily Spared (1) 1

    by Xaque

    I accidentally severed several
    separate loose stitches...

  • Eggshell

    by Mabini

    The door left ajar, suddenly creaked open.
    Cold eyes shot me down to the hard ground...

  • Apparition 2

    by Anastasia

    Become immersed in the words
    Disappear for hours a day to read...

  • Demon and a Devil

    by Jack Nightengale

    It's been a week now and we're doing this again...

  • My Cloak of Invisibility 2

    by The Fallen Angel

    Sipping through
    my coffee...

  • Reclaim 1

    by Jack Nightengale

    It's hotter than what I remember,
    From subtle red and oranges that now glow a deep...

  • Wanting silence

    by mistake

    The screams are in the distance, but they don’t...
    So I get up and I close the door, close the...