Dark Poems

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  • smth red moons

    by John Jack

    Do you know what happen when the sun goes down?
    Night quietly lays her hands on us...

  • Fires in the Stars (1) 1

    by Vera Campbell

    There are fires in the stars!
    For the dragons caused them to be...

  • Darkness to the Skies

    by Vera Campbell

    Darkness to the Skies,
    Badness to the Lies...

  • I was knee deep in water,
    far away from the...

  • ×××

    by John Jack

    My holy maiden, I despise the light.
    In shattered mirror I can see the future...

  • The End (thank you p&q) 3

    by cantchangeme

    She was 15 when she first posted on this site
    32 now and a lot had changed...

  • Black Widow (1) 2

    by Mimi

    Here you come
    Right into my trap...

  • Carvings (1) 1

    by cantchangeme

    Carve me a smile my creator
    Give me a warm loving grin...

  • Beggar’s Bones 1

    by cantchangeme

    Merrily sings
    Of macabre things...

  • Pig Mask

    by cantchangeme

    Bathing in the alluring grace
    Of the radiant summer sun...

  • Burn the Witch 1

    by cantchangeme

    Oh holy man tell us
    Plead for us today...

  • The Tricker (2) 3

    by cantchangeme

    The tricker
    Is a... something...