your climate change (collab with Star)

by hiraeth   Mar 18, 2021

like midnight saturated with shadows,
like when you taste the rain in the air
before the sky bleeds an ashen grey,
i know you are primed for a great

perched on your doorstep,
storms awaiting their awakening.
when the morning dew carries the
bitterness of daisies, blooming for
the first time within a garden
on the verge of raging.

a firstling is born of fury.
bountiful but short-lived;
like eerie stillness that precedes
tornadoes, what swells
in you frightens me.

the silence you fold abuses thunder,
your quiet tears steal the little air
my lungs grasped, like acid rain,
you left me contaminated.

and now?

i look to distill every part of you.
quietly, the memories i once hoarded
of you evaporate.

collab with Star:


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