If the devil could see me now.

by Poet on the Piano   Aug 19, 2021

His plan was to drown me in crimson,
in the name of a consecrated deity.
Vines bound my limbs - I couldn't
escape the tongues entering the abyss.
The earth shuddered before me,
infusing faith and virtue
until I no longer bled toxicity.

He said I still needed to be saved.
That I had to sacrifice selfishness and sanity.
I felt despair in every heartbeat.
I'd never be pure enough.

Then, you volleyed into the midnight sky
and offered to make a deal with me.

I chose your shadow,
the homicidal wolves set free.

It doesn't matter who can see me now;
all I care is that you're proud, waiting
until I can finally craft my own throne.


Written while listening to "Good in Red" by The Midnight

Kind of a spin on who has caused the demons I battle.


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