Silly Girls & Stupid Boys

by A l y s s a   Oct 22, 2007

No matter how much I struggle or how hard I try.
I cannot hide my emotions as the tears fall from my eye.
The truth may hurt, but its your lies that kill me.
Tell me when will you open your eyes and begin to truly see?

To just letting go and forgetting it all,
I want to be alone when the tears start to fall.
I hold on tightly to the memories because;
They're the only things that won't change when everything else does.

My dreams are infected with the promises you broke,
My thoughts consumed by the fake words that you spoke.
Now that I've seen what happens with people of your kind
It's time to forget it all and let the tears speak my mind.

Words that cannot be said, stream down my face
You shrug it off, saying its my fault in the first place.
I figure that sometimes I must get hurt in order to grow.
And sometimes I must fail in order to know.

Someday, my vision clears...
But only after my eyes are washed away with tears.
I know now that you were never worth my time.
That it was a game to you and you were never really mine.

To you I was just some disposable toy.
I was just a silly girl who fell for a stupid boy.

Ally. x


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Latest Comments

  • 11 years ago

    by Prophecies In Kodak

    I hate how you got two such simple comments on such a good poem. So i'm here to take care of that.

    It's a sad poem yet it is touching all the same as well. You had a way of taking what seemed a simple teenage heartbreak and putting the details down to fill it in. To show how it really was. The form in this was iffy but everything else made up for that. I have a soft spot for this poem seeing as the reader can relate so easily to it. You did an excellent job of not making it TOO personal so that other people can look at it and think.. "I've been through this."

    I was fond of the ending. It went together well, the rhyme and the length and everything. It really tied the entire poem together and I think that that was my favorite part, actually. You did really really well with all of this and I will get to reading more, I can assure you. I really was happy to read this.. Even if it isnt my usual style.

  • 12 years ago

    by ReinaPuente

    Ahhh-mazing very true me and my best friend can relate to this, but this is more like her!

  • 12 years ago

    by Sparrow

    OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!! This poem is awesome! It reminds me so much of me being a silly girl falling for a stupid boy and always getting hurt. WOW