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x-hey everybody its erica and my best friends are alex, mara, sheri, katlyn, allison, and a few more sorry if i didnt mention you!! yeah at the moment im going out with a very adorable guy named john ackley he's so sweet and funny im so lucky to have him!! so..ahhh yeah!! haha just so you know if you hate me and you never even met me then eff you you arnt worth my time and im not gonna put up w/ your bull shit. i like black, midnight blue, and the combination of black and purple the best they rock mah socks lol. my weakness is for romance and sweet talk its deff. a weekness. i love to write poems and i love dark/sad poems....and most of all i love it when ppl are honest w/ me when it comes to my poems critiquing and all. so please dont just say \"good job keep it up\" b/c then when i return the favor you\'ll just get exactly what you gave me. or a bad revue. sorry but thats just what i see as fair. thank you everybody i love you all haha peace out!-x

-*-please r/r/c-*-

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  • Im only dead to everyone...

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  • Well.....i was lying in bed....looking up at the stars...when all of a sudden i wondered.....hey! where the hells my ceiling?!

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