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I really want to thank Princess_love / Michelle and Nitin ... You guys are so great....

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  • Age : 17
  • Gender : Male
  • Country : Guam
  • Joined : Jan 9, 2006
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Latest Poems By EmptyEyes

  • "I'm you're father...
    I love you no matter what.&quot...

  • I find it hard to believe
    In a person so perfect to be...

  • It doesn't hurt right now
    I will be fine somehow...

  • December is here. Still, snow no where near.
    I'd feel winters' breeze; I'd feel my heart...

  • I dream of a nightmare to keep myself alive.
    Infinite hours of night consume my sense of time...

Latest Quotes By EmptyEyes

  • I don't need your pity.
    I don't need your sighs.
    I don't need your spurious feelings.
    I don't need anymore lies.

    15 years ago
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  • I'm Sorry...
    Whenever I'm around you...
    I accidentaly swallow the words I mean to say...
    I drown in your eyes each time, I gasp for air...You make my heart stop..

    15 years ago
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  • It's Love Only When You're Ready To Sacrifice Everything You've Got.

    15 years ago
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