About Krathia

Who am I?
A girl who lives on dreams.

Where am I from?
Very far away.

Where am I going?
No one knows

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  • Age : 17
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  • Country : Canada
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Latest Poems By Krathia

  • Sipping at green tea
    from a bottle, I wonder...

  • We dreamt in darkness,
    a memory where there was no light...

  • I walked in nightfall,
    Stumbling along sinister lines...

  • Tossed upon waves
    of wind, your hair shivered...

  • I once heard an angel, I once heard her sing.
    Her voice was the light of heaven upon the wind of...

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  • The regret of every artist must be the incapability to give their souls to whom they've dedicated their heart to, because a heart is mendable, but a soul, once lost, cannot ever be recovered again.

    12 years ago
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