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Hey the names Emma and i haven't showed anyone my poems before, i have heaps of them and don't know what ones to put on here :P my poems are all mostly free verse so yeah please dont leave comments saying that it didnt rhyme ----------------------------- i luv animals and have a few pets, my life is alot better then what it was last year i have it back on track and fixing all my mistakes i made, i have the best boyfriend ever and hes the reason for me making it through my troubles, i love him heaps ------------------
my poems are my feelings and emotions.
All my quotes are my own and i would really appreciate it if you could vote on them, if you want to talk just pm me i love talking to people
If you have the time could u please r/r/c my poems i will return the favour, thanxs

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  • When i first saw you, i wanted you
    When you first touched me, i felt like everything was perfect
    When you first said 'i love you', i thought i was dreaming
    It was then that i knew we were meant to be
    and i realised that i will never let you go

    12 years ago
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  • I always dreamed of the perfect guy,
    But never thought I would ever find him,
    I know I will never have him, I will just have you,
    But you are better then I ever imagined, you are perfect in every way.

    12 years ago
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  • L-Loving someone from the deepest of your heart,
    O-Opening your heart and trusting it not to be broken,
    V-Valuing their individuality and accepting them as they are,
    E-Everything seems perfect and they are your world.

    13 years ago
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