Favorite Poems of Everlasting

  • The Garden Ghost (18) 8 WIN

    by cassie hughes

    On restless feet she wanders
    through the garden of her life...

  • Red (12) 9 WIN

    by Maher

    There was a time when the sky was blue,
    the air was clear and the dams were full...

  • The Rarest Flower (3) 4

    by Mark

    Go find for me in all of botany;
    The rarest rose amidst the sweetest mire...

  • Why did the rain fall sting on all my days
    and why did branded skin refuse to heal...

  • Luce (4)

    by Larry Chamberlin

    Lucid thinking doesn't always
    mean you display the lighthouse...

  • Lighthouse. (6) 3 WIN

    by Poet on the Piano

    You are the water, I am the land.
    Boats sneak past your conscious...

  • The Dreaming Tree (5) 5 HM

    by Sincuna

    It is not the pale moon that brought you here
    nor the longing for a sober night. There is...