Poems About Darkness and Horror

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  • Reds Queens Torment (2) 2

    by MariAnn C.

    Behind her eyes
    Lies Mystery...

  • Am i the Devil

    by Ranbow Colour

    One Tick of the Tock
    And that's your lot...

  • Wonderland

    by Tony

    Alice you are older now
    I was once in your dreams...

  • Wizard of Flaws (2) 2

    by DarkNDangerous

    Dorothy came to me skipping,
    Her happiness was just a facade...

  • The lack of prey made It angrier as the pain in...
    And when It thought It would have to go hungry he...

  • Over a yawning-morning-city,
    birds stretched across...

  • Chasing 2

    by Trampled Angel


  • After Midnight 1

    by Larry Chamberlin

    She cannot work until the world sleeps
    with doors locked, windows shuttered...

  • The clock strikes 12 and a shadow appears.
    Towering at 6'9, it hisses, "Come to me, my dear...

  • My Murder (1) 1

    by Tony

    The blood was red when I was killed
    But has long since dried and cracked...

  • The unknown 1

    by dirtylilangels

    I am confined to isolation
    These four walls will be my damnation...

  • Nightmares (1) 3

    by dirtylilangels

    I close my eyes to go to sleep
    I feel my fears start to creep...