Poems About Darkness and Horror

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  • Unbearable (2) 2

    by Sai

    I was the sinner

  • My Mask (1) 1

    by Renegade Angel

    I can no longer claim silence
    I will no longer be trapped in my own web of...

  • Nowhere to Run (3) 1

    by Tony

    I have a deadly recurring dream
    My mind is bursting at its seams...

  • I have you. (1) 1

    by Kai

    It's coming!
    Head high...

  • Save me, I'm there again,
    'in the End...

  • The Pond 2

    by Tony

    Burried in my memories
    Beyond ability to recall...

  • Our Warden (4) 3

    by Tony

    My sensei told me the secret
    To meditation was my breath...

  • Psaeulin

    by Hope

    It's all wild, for the fire, grace is just...
    walking under the rain, hope remains the same...

  • Wolfsbaen

    by Hope

    Wolf, love of mine,
    Stay behind...

  • John the Patriot 1

    by Professor Leskinen

    John was a proud and goodwilled man
    He would always look through his bubble to make...

  • Light 1

    by Hope

    Crawling for fallen grace,
    Maybs I am just misplaced...

  • Between God and the Devil, there is one-
    Between sin between faith,they may well be...