Poems About Darkness and Horror

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  • You do not know what drives a man like me -
    compassionless and cold, or so you say...

  • Knocking 1

    by Alex Penuelas

    I'm not the kind of person
    To sleep early by any means...

  • Something in Me (5) 5

    by ddavidd

    Something in me is not expressed.
    Something in me is utterly suppressed...

  • A gruelling night that came and went
    which left me bent and badly spent...

  • Serpent

    by Taylor M

    He’s got a gleam in eyes
    I see them dart across the room...

  • The Voices (4) 2

    by Evanescent Moon

    The whispers came to me
    And I succumbed to their beckon...

  • Below the hills and by the tree
    And underneath the darkling sky...

  • Lonely (3) 3

    by Evi

    Suzie is my best friend.
    But I don't want my parents to know...

  • Scary (10) 6

    by Evi

    Isn't it scary?
    How humans can be so selfish...

  • Decay (5) 3

    by Evi

    Why can I not go out?
    Why can I not meet people...

  • Watching over her (1) 2

    by Evi

    So, this was the day all my life's efforts came to...
    She either makes the mistake of not accepting me...

  • The Door (7) 8 HM

    by Tony

    There is a door I dare not open
    What's behind this portal I dare not speak...