Poems About Darkness and Horror

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  • Hell Hath No Fury... (4) 2

    by Louis A Ranero

    I thought our love was timeless, more then just a...
    And strangely in my gun-sights I still love you...

  • Quest for Imortality (2) 1

    by Vanessa

    Ink injected ivory skin,
    Dripping wet with sex and sin...

  • ''Ahh Lady Mel how could ye not see
    The devil beside ye is but an image of me...

  • Sunk (syntuit) (13) 8

    by Ben Pickard

    you search all you like,
    but you will only find me...

  • Angelic Dark (3)

    by Curing the Comon Cliche

    Surrender flames to something else
    Let them burn inside some star...

  • Vampire (rap) (2)

    by Dustin S

    There's a puddle on the floor,
    And that's all you see. Nothing more...

  • Shes beautiful when covered in bruises
    Taking in drugs and sculling down cruises...

  • Devil's puppet (2)

    by william

    Do you believe in the Devil and the Lord?
    Or is believing something you cannot afford...

  • Birthed From Hell Itself (2)

    by IncompleteSanity

    I can't stop myself from withering away.
    It consumes me every second...

  • Shall Thee Expel Mercy? (11) 3 WIN

    by Poet on the Piano

    O' Goddess of Jealousy,
    must thee so heartily bequeath...

  • UnSkull (5) 6 HM

    by Jordan

    Caves run deep.
    Never are eyes shy to show...

  • Silent Scream (4) 1

    by Michael Morbid

    It is asked what happens after death,
    what is your fate after final breath...