Tongue Twisters

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  • Weather (5)

    by MischieviousMya

    Whether the weather be fine,
    Or whether the weather be not...

  • My Teacher*~~~ (5)

    by Darkfairy

    On top of the school house
    All covered with blood...

  • Toy Boat (6)

    by Katie

    Say toy boat 10 times really fast
    toy boat...

  • Dont say shit (6)

    by Angie

    I slit the sheet. The sheet i slit and on the...

  • Nothing.....haha (7)

    by MischieviousMya

    If nothing is nothing it would have to be...

  • Without!! (7)

    by Lan

    A Party isn't a Party with out some RUM!
    A kiss isn't a KISS with out some...

  • Many pills with many names,
    And chemicals galore...

  • Pop!!!!! (11)

    by Emily

    Pop! Pop! Plop! Pop! Plod! plod! Pop!
    Theres Goes Mr.Pele PopPopPig'sPurpler, Pink...

  • Pleasant valley pheasant plucker's
    pleasant valley pheasant plucker's...

  • Can you say dis? (10)

    by Stacy Ferguson

    I know that you know i know what you know..if you...

  • Tomorrows what?! (12)

    by Brandi

    Today is tomorrows yesterday
    though yesterdays tomorrow is today...

  • A Pen (13)

    by LuvMeAlwayz

    What does this funny pen do?
    A pen is a pen...