Quotes About Life

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  • While enjoying the comforts of Addiction, the aftermath is only a fantasy.

    When the highs wear out, the aftermath becomes reality.

    by Michael
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  • Words can cause and heal the deepest wounds

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  • The sincerity of words are delivered from the eyes and heard by the heart.

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  • Pain can make us strong.

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  • With every tear that's shed, there's a lesson to be learned.

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  • Our children are like sponges, they soak up the world around them. Do them a favour and show them a sea of goodness, the rivers of sin, the waterfalls of unconditional love and the oceans of human kindness.

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  • The answer lies within you. You just need to ask the right question!

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  • Awesome thing my drill sergeant said,

    "Prior planning prevents piss poor performance private!"

    by Tony
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  • Don't matter how alone you feel.
    Don't matter how much pain.

    Someone will always smile for you.
    Smile back !
    Someone will always reach out to you.
    It's up to you, grab that hand, ascend.

    Or fall.

    Don't be stubborn.

    Peace out


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  • Everything is the opposite of what it looks like.

    by ddavidd
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