Misc. Poems

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  • confusion (flawed diamond) (2) 1

    by CJ Maleney


  • Learning to Fly (1) 3

    by Alex Penuelas

    Wings may not...

  • Louder (1) 1

    by Rei Severs

    Sing a little louder,
    Cry a little harder...

  • Final Draft (3) 2

    by Aegis

    I spent the past year trying to rewrite
    you into my life...

  • Clarity ( Senryu) (1) 2

    by ddavidd

    You could see my dear,
    ceasing eroded mirrors...

  • Words do leave (8) 5

    by Amrita Singh

    With the wings, they escape my thoughts.
    With a coal, they burn my imagination...

  • Childhood ( Haiku) (3) 5

    by ddavidd

    Where would skies crack
    for I am longing to see...

  • Divisions Of Time: (1) 2

    by Scott Cole

    Is it the Sun that winds the clock
    Or the clock that moves the Sun...

  • The Moral High Ground (1) 1

    by Mark Rawlins

    Red carpet's down in Tinsel Town
    with camera flash and glitz...

  • Dreams of a Chicken (1) 2

    by Mortal Utopia

    If a miracle has ever happened,
    it’s the appearance of a rainbow...

  • The Onslaught of Space (6) 7

    by ddavidd

    The rains are gone.
    The trains are gone...

  • Split Emotions (8) 5

    by deeplydesturbed

    Sometimes I am so full of self-doubt
    I allow myself feel the Worlds pain...