Love Is All You Need

by Karl Wild GG23   Aug 7, 2010

For love to truly grow in time, it must be given opportunity,
A constant struggle, uphill climb, lock without a key.
Seasons pass with countless years, stagnant situation,
Love turns to a dreamful lust, with loss of fascination.

Though futile to regret, impossible to imagine, new life,
Jobs and friends, sports to attend, forgot he had a wife.
Left alone, mistakes to atone, endless time to ponder,
Absence won't leave a heart grown, only make it wonder.

Tells herself everyday, she has the courage to walk away,
Will no longer postpone, be on her own, nothing left to say.
Cry for him just one more time, pack her bags and leave,
Easy for her to move on, when she's had this long to grieve.

Met a man who understood, that love is all you need,
Returned the love she gave to him, wasn't big on greed.
Walks in parks, romantic sparks, all about each other,
In honest eyes she could see, she'd never love another.

Long ago she said, "love is dead, what's the use in trying",
Ignored her head, used heart instead, slowly it was dying.
Love can grow from concrete, if it's given the proper care,
That way you'll always have it, even when it isn't there.

This was it for one another, found support and passion,
Would never find someone better, not in any fashion.
Comfort each other faithfully when times are at their worst,
Accept this love with healed hearts, as if it were their first.

As soon as they got comfortable, suddenly it went wrong,
Cancer has no remorse for love, they didn't give him long,
Both cry, say goodbye, to the best friend they've ever known
She didn't lie, stayed by his side, wouldn't let him go alone.

True love will last her lifetime, for it was given proper care,
Knows he'll always be with her, even though he isn't there.
In time we always seem to find, the perfect place to grow.
Love, we never see it coming, but we always watch it go.

*This is a true story written for a friend, Sylvia, who lost someone very dear to her heart. She is also a member of P&Q*


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Latest Comments

  • 7 years ago

    by quiet lullaby

    I've briefly flicked through a few of poems, and this one just stands out to me.
    It is a bitter sweet situation, but the beauty of this work is magnificant.
    I've dealt with grief similar and you have truely captured the emotions and battles.

    It was a great read, and the structure and flow is impressive.

    I look forward to working through your archive.

    Well done

  • 7 years ago

    by Rania Moallem

    U blew my head off...i consider down voting a poem as gd as this . IS but a sign for how gd ur words been.

    consider it a compliment when ever a poem is down voted lol..
    cause this was just beautiful with its wording..flow..expressions..thoughts.. very very impressive to be in some one elses shoes and do this work


  • 7 years ago

    by Sumit Ojha

    It was such a great poem and if you dont mind im going to use it to send to my girl friend

  • 7 years ago

    by Michael D Nalley

    This is powerful and written in the style you have mastered. I am touched.

  • 7 years ago

    by Cindy

    You did a wonderful job on this piece you compossed for Sylvia.
    Take Care

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