Nothing's worthwhile... (Minute Poem)

by Meena Krish   Apr 7, 2015

Missing you brings on so much pain
I can't contain,
my sorrow crawls...
stands and just falls;
I rummage through my heart's record
where your love's stored,
and it's so clear
that you're still dear;
bits of me crumble as I yearn
for your return,
nothing's worthwhile
without your smile.

The Minute Poem is rhyming verse form consisting of 12
lines of 60 syllables written in strict iambic meter. The poem
is formatted into 3 stanzas of 8,4,4,4; 8,4,4,4; 8,4,4,4 syllables.
The rhyme scheme is as follows: aabb, ccdd, eeff


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  • 2 years ago

    by Em


    This is such a great piece. The rhyming and flow goes hand and hand which makes it even greater.

    Such an emotional piece written beautiful. You have are a unique writer.


  • 3 years ago

    by Ben Pickard

    Very, very cleverly written - well done. Love it.

  • 3 years ago

    by Augustus Black

    The best poets express the profoundest things into a wee version. That what I'm viewing in this write. That shows the great quality of poets.

    Missing someone really creates huge pain upon our soul. But it can also be good, because it takes us in the past to recall all the merry moments while the woe moments also.

    This piece is truly marvellous and different from other writes. It contains love and grief in a huge amount. The words and sentences are very much just. Wow!!

    You have again shown your great writing skill. 5/5 STARS

  • 3 years ago

    by Lady Nik

    Love this Meena!

    I think this is my favorite part

    bits of me crumble as I yearn
    for your return,

    Love it! So much emotion in such a small poem. I've never heard of this form before but I really liked it. Will have to try it sometime. Always a pleasure to read your work :] -Nik

  • 3 years ago

    by Baby Rainbow

    Oh Meena, such a touching little poem, and you have done so with another formed piece and impressively showed us more of your skills.

    The wording to this poem is so beautiful it really reaches out to any reader who is missing someone dear to them, and who knows how hard it is to long for their smile again.

    I think your title is simple, but it sums up very well what it is like, and how it feels so often when we are grieving. Sometimes it feels happy to remember them, like we are close to them, but other times it feels impossible to live without them, and remembering them only hurts more and makes everything else seem pointless.

    Beautifully worded!

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