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  • Empty 1

    by silver cloud

    enough said
    too cold to tolerate...

  • normal 2

    by silver cloud

    the triangle and physics
    the chemical taste...

  • normal (1) 1

    by silver cloud

    the night is falling
    the light disappear...

  • enlightened

    by silver cloud

    to those whom gone further than me
    well' i wonder...

  • Stranded (1) 4

    by Walter

    I stand on the jetty end
    As I watch, you transcend...

  • Ocahui 2

    by RSGood

    You are my Ocahui
    Blooming every century...

  • Broken

    by Rog

    Years ago I dated that girl
    it was my attempt...

  • Stormy Times (4) 4

    by Milly Hayward

    These diamond tears flush dreams of love away
    Betrayal but a tea that burns my tongue...

  • Talking Of Love

    by Satish Verma

    Selene, the goddess of
    the moon, promises...

  • Raven's perch

    by BirdWings

    Cherry tree branches snap amongst ambling
    footsteps. Condensation evaporates against...

  • Whenever I try to explain my pain
    Words and phrases I do not find...

  • Is It 1

    by RSGood

    The skip in your heart when on Christmas morning...
    When you'd rather spend all night on the phone...