Poems About Life Using Slang Words

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  • Mexican pride (3)

    by xXxLiSETHxXx

    MeXiCaN PrIdE iS mAh MiNd
    MeXiCaN bLoOd Is MaH kInD...

  • People think that I'm boring and lonely,
    but I'm not even close...

  • I have no idea (5)

    by justin

    Family itz a good word
    thatz suppose 2 come wit great love ones...

  • You + Me = 0 (2)

    by disturbed one

    Tell me;
    What is a lie to you...

  • Wicked Game [Acrostic] (17)

    by Infected with His Deadly Love

    Witchcraft and fairy tales
    In this fantasy we live...

  • Haters (2)

    by STEPHANiiE

    People always talkin bad bout me
    sayin wat i can and cant do...

  • A Thugs Prayer (1)

    by tyzwifey


  • A thugs prayer

    by lorrie

    Heavenly father please hear me tonight i need so...

  • I lived the High Life with regrets!
    Yes, but I died to the low life! I fed upon life's...

  • The Bottle (2)

    by Robert Kope

    Been thinking about what things I can sell,
    To buy another bottle...

  • Temporary Happiness

    by Giegielove Goddess Poet

    "When you think that life is just a temporary
    elation , you'd rather want to live long and don't...

  • Self Esteem (1)

    by Amanda Grace

    Go to sleep, relax your mind, try to get some...