Poems About Life Using Slang Words

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  • In Love (8) 2

    by Sammerz

    I'm glad that i found you.
    Your like the candy...

  • I have no idea (5)

    by justin

    Family itz a good word
    thatz suppose 2 come wit great love ones...

  • Set It Off (2)

    by KATIE

    I'm getting tired man
    of all you jealous haters...

  • Have you had a sway today? (8) 3


    Have you had a sway today?
    It's just a little hip move to the left or to the...

  • A love like cancer (5)

    by PoeticJustice

    I want you to know that its a little fcked up that...
    debating cant figure out, whats right or wrong, so...

  • Creeping corruption (9) 6

    by Trevor Hughes

    Chillen at my house I'm so high in my head zone
    I don't even know what to do or what to get, no...

  • G's (2)

    by Rayarra Jones

    I loved him I swear I did
    he meant everything to me...

  • I really dont care
    dont care anymore...

  • Have you Ever (2)

    by Angel

    Have you ever
    wished for raindrops...

  • Girl's Philosophy

    by MiSZ ALAiNA

    I'm living my life
    Whether you like it or not...

  • I lived the High Life with regrets!
    Yes, but I died to the low life! I fed upon life's...

  • Fight 5 (10)

    by Finalgravedigger

    Why you not tryin
    why you just cryin...