Special Event Poems

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  • Ten (2) 2

    by C Cattaway

    A tiny little chimpanzee
    Was sitting on a wall...

  • Dad

    by patrick

    When the light goes out, in his eyes
    Grey flat jelly stairs blankly...

  • Jejus in Boy (1) 1

    by Mahesh Kachare

    When I reached the Church
    There was the biggest porch...

  • Two Men 1

    by Domenico Sottile

    One man fell in love
    and lost control...

  • 27 birthdays. 28??? Maybe (1) 1

    by **unknown angel**

    I've had 27 birthdays
    Will I have 28...

  • Big sista's birthday (1) 1

    by Judy Sullivan

    To my big sista, your one of a kind,
    out of all the sista's in the world...

  • Advise

    by Nazeer

    Always prefer good thinking more than harming
    Never ever guide anyone into wrong pathway...

  • Take a deep breath
    before blowing out...

  • Granny's Last Born (1)


    Sweetheart, I do not have an upcoming...

  • What inspiration what beauty what worth
    April the giraffe has finally given birth...

  • The Heart of Bwisagu 1

    by Ronjoy Brahma

    Yellow and green become more color
    My pleasure has come flowers like blossom...

  • Bwisagu- You Are In My Heart 1

    by Ronjoy Brahma

    You have come in my heart and village
    Very beautiful to make the world...