Poems For Weddings

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  • She wakes up that morning
    With a smile on her face...

  • Wedding day (2) 1

    by zvikov

    Though with ink filled was the sea,
    And with paper the sky was made...

  • dedicated to / nidhi /
    Accept, dear heart, this sincere proposal of mine...

  • The Wedding (21)

    by Amit

    Soulmates are picked by the God,
    n weddingss are made in heaven...

  • Today is a special day
    A special day for you...

  • The Moment (7)

    by Aaron Deevers

    I stand here before you
    Staring into your eyes...

  • Eternal Bliss (6)

    by .K.i.T.t.Y.

    Her eyes twinkle,
    Twinkle with pride...

  • Listen to me (7)

    by Ike Dizzle

    (This poem is about my mom because she is engaged...
    Sometimes I just wish...

  • Her Special Wedding (7)

    by abcede

    It was almost time
    she felt so alive...

  • Cruel Intentions (4)

    by cupidsxvictim

    All she's got are cruel intentions.
    Honey your not what shes looking for...

  • My love (4)

    by Melissa Cook

    I give to you a love like no other,
    not a love like a friend, not a love like a...

  • Wedding day (2)

    by your love is mine

    The day is here,
    that you say i do...