Misc. Poems

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  • The Week Between Pages

    by Tanya Southey

    The robust reality,
    mundane hours slip...

  • Played

    by Linda

    The key is undetermined,
    The game is very obscure...

  • Evident. (2) 3

    by Poet on the Piano

    I've lost faith in
    so many things...

  • Familiarity is the taste of nostalgia
    and betrayal...

  • A cheesy valentine's day poem (4) 6

    by nourayasmine

    I know all of your kisses.
    There is a "take care of...

  • Misdirection (6) 4

    by Aegis

    My tongue is toxic,
    my passion...

  • Grit Girl

    by Linda

    When the throws are overwhelming and the tide just...
    When the stars are covered over and it's the light...

  • Chamomile Tea (4) 6

    by Star

    The shadow in her closet
    tasted sleep...

  • 50 Years at 3 am (3) 3

    by Maple Tree

    And even if the ghosts don't sing
    their hollow echos after 3 am...

  • Trance (6) 3

    by Linda

    Pledge to stars, voodoo dance,
    Clear your space, tribal stance...

  • I Just Realized it Today (6) 4

    by Everlasting

    I’m like a grocery’s cart being pushed
    around a store...

  • I Wanna Chase My Present 1

    by Everlasting

    I wanna run into the arms of the Present
    and tick tock my way out out of my worries...