Other poems about life

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  • Title help (1) 2

    by Loco4Loco

    Hurt girl
    Living in a hate world...

  • Logic 1

    by Alice

    Logic is a crystal warrior
    Brave face sculpted bright as a glacier...

  • Skin Deep (12) 5

    by Kitty Cat Lady

    Symbolic etchings of happy and sadness
    Drenched with significance upon my canvas...

  • Random Thought (2) 1

    by Majoress Annikie Manamela

    "He said he loves the rain...
    But he always wants an umbrella when it rains...

  • Hairbrush 1

    by h0peful

    A prevailing calm
    As the brush combs through the waves...

  • Precious Words (5) 6

    by h0peful

    A sentence is a necklace.
    Our words are the beads...

  • Now and Then 1

    by h0peful

    A sole drop of rain
    Bleeds into the dry pavement...

  • Haiku (2) 1

    by Loco4Loco

    Racism is terrifying
    Consumed by hatred and scorn...

  • Discarded (1)

    by JaM

    This path I walk is cluttered,
    with the awkwardness of the past...

  • In the Forest of Sound

    by cantchangeme

    Iridescent light fades
    Fighting to a loss against the dark...

  • Look Inside

    by words2myself

    Chasing dreams in our sleep
    that might never be caught...

  • Lady of the evening (9) 7

    by S s...

    It's midnight
    in my universe...