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  • ...And Back (1) 1

    by Tony

    The dismal dark and dreary sky
    With meloncholy morose eyes...

  • Shock (1) 1

    by Jazzaroolich

    I am so sorry
    that you felt...

  • Angela (2) 2

    by Tony

    Mom, you passed on your addictions to me
    The only difference is our priorities...

  • A lone(r) (senryu) (2) 2

    by Beautiful Soul

    Riding the night train
    to nowhere proves being a...

  • Flesh (2) 1

    by Paul Hirst

    I open sleep filled eyes and the scent of you...
    It lingers and torments beckons me from the bed...

  • Rainbow Baby (11) 5

    by Hales

    17 weeks and 3 days,
    So, I guess that is all it takes...

  • Evening thoughts (8) 5

    by William Mae

    I could think a million things,
    From sunset to mornings dew...

  • Whoso Has Loved

    by yogi73

    Whoso has loved each other as we.
    Upon the paths, we have cherished and disparaged...

  • Eternality 1

    by Satish Verma

    All day it rained.
    There was no destination...

  • Therapy Session 2

    by Tony

    Looks like it's that time again
    Time for some therapy with my pen...

  • Mind (1) 1

    by Victor

    Memories I want to forget keep surfacing
    Were they real, or just figments of a bad dream...

  • onto you (1) 2

    by Teresa Campa

    I wanna shout it to the stars
    Let it echo through the valleys...