Poems About Grieving And Loss

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  • By The Shore (12) 6

    by Ben Pickard

    I know you and you knew me,
    we used to live down by the sea...

  • The Bird (4) 1

    by trudy

    I found it really hard dealing with the burns in...
    She finds it weird that she's breathing...

  • Gone Is My Hero (2) 2

    by Angie

    Gone Is My Hero
    My heart is broken in two...

  • Legacy of a King (2) 2

    by King Harry

    Little did I know
    Suffering from shame...

  • Where are you now? (8) 5 HM


    Where are you now? (A poem about Dementia)
    I’ve tried to find out where you go, when you...

  • I Miss You (4) 7 HM

    by Kyle

    For every tiny footstep,
    That you never got to take...

  • I feel the need to write,
    To express feelings inside...

  • Goodbye my son (4) 2

    by Kyle

    Although I never met you,
    I saw you all the time...

  • Postman for heaven (2) 2

    by Kyle

    If heaven had a postal service,
    From earth to up above...

  • Sands of time (1) 1

    by Kyle

    The sands of time,
    They find us all...

  • To many words where left unspoken
    Never a chance to explain my way...

  • It's coming up for six years since you left me
    And not a day goes by when I don't think of you...