Poems About Grieving And Loss

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  • Woe (1) 1

    by Hope

    blue moon...

  • Shattered Awakening (3) 3

    by Sapna Rajani

    I wish I could freeze time and just be with you in...
    I wish I could freeze those images and just keep...

  • I miss you

    by DamonRay

    Years back you took me fishing.
    Had me stay the weekend you treated me better then...

  • Silence (9) 8

    by CJ Maleney

    No chippy claws on wooden floors
    No sound of your approach...

  • A Pretense of Normality (3) 5 HM

    by Larry Chamberlin

    I saw your shadow yesterday
    blown about the treetops...

  • ....as moon awaits, to greet your soul
    you’ll cross a bridge where lies no troll...

  • Time never stops (2) 2

    by Dream Astronaut

    Time never stops
    not when it storms...

  • Some Day


    So many things come to share their presence
    Here we are; comin' behind...

  • My angel (6) 6

    by Em (marmite)

    It's dismal nights like these
    where I curl up into a ball...

  • A Car Deep Red (6) 3

    by Walter

    She was driving to go and be with him
    And had not seen him for a while...

  • Mind Pain 2

    by Allan Gkah Marisamhuka jr

    Confusion parading through my mind.
    Word had been always of elders...

  • despondence (2) 3 HM

    by phronesis

    the living room is silent
    except for cicadas...