Sad Quotes

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  • Don't let my smile fool you;
    Faking a smile comes so naturally to me, because it's just like breathing...

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  • If you really did love me, you would have stayed with me, no matter how hard it was being by my side.

    by Maria
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  • Everything i touch dies.
    Everything i speak to lies.
    Everything i see leaves.
    O, way is this happening to me.

    by Omar
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  • "Suicide is just the last cry For help that can't be answered..."

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  • I'm fine with people not liking me... What hurts, is that they lie about it...

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  • Being lonely isn't having no-one around you, It's having no-one around you that cares...

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  • They all think im happy,
    fine and in great shape,
    some even believe,
    in the fake smiles I give.

    by werty
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  • He told me he loved me... But then someone else came along... And I saw how true his love actually was...

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  • If you tell me you love me then you should be there with me until the end, not just keeping me around until you get bored.

    by Aaron
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  • Do you remember when I promised you until death do us part?
    Do you remember when I said that I will never stop loving you?
    It's all true and not even death can stop my heart from beating for you.

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