Sad Poems Using Slang Words

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  • True Love seperated By Suicide Itself (6)

    by Marissa Methanphetamine

    He left her for boarding school,
    That cool October day...

  • Changed (6)

    by SHYSTY23KO

    Crawling on the floor,
    trying to get to the door...

  • The ride (4) 3

    by Brenda

    I wasn't planning
    on dying today...

  • She waited for you in your own bed
    When you left her for friends, she was sad...

  • True Love (1)

    by Amanda Grace

    Love is always in a hurry, and never on time. Love...
    Love id doubtful, a liar, a cheat. Love never...

  • Gone (1)

    by Harmony

    When i call you
    your not their, My moments you'll no where near...

  • The girl

    by Love Hurts

    Ever heartbeat vibrates with pain.
    Ever glance a punch to the soul...

  • Who is she? (2)

    by Love Hurts

    Lifeless brown eyes stare back at me.
    Who is she...

  • Bottles and Cans (2)

    by Samuel Ernst

    Bottles and cans litter my floor,
    A path to my bed in liquored decour...

  • Feel empty (6)

    by Jose

    I can't help but to feel empty
    i need a new life or something to make me feel...

  • Darkness around me (3)

    by Darclyfe

    In the Darkness
    I sit with my heart torn in two...

  • My 'Lil Sis (1)

    by brittany friend

    They hurt you, made you cry.
    No heart at all for what they do...