Fathers Day Poems

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  • To you, Dad (4)

    by Behind Blue Eyes

    What do you say to the man
    Who you've known your entire life...

  • I Love You Dad (4)

    by Michelle

    I want to take this special day
    To thank you for being so good to me...

  • My Father.... (4) 2

    by Dreamofolwin

    Strength and supporting hands dad, you've always...
    Guidance when it was needed, and love firm as a...

  • The Hard Road (4) 2

    by Beautiful Chaos

    Never thought you loved me
    Our time was always cold...

  • What would you do (4)

    by regina

    My father has just now came back into my life i...
    should i tell him to stay out of my life or give...

  • Dad (3)

    by Emma Carnage

    Why does a daughter need a dad?
    Dad's are there to wrestle with...

  • Dear Father (3)

    by Innocent Fairy

    Your strong and brave...

  • Dear Father (3)

    by Beautiful Chaos

    Father come and hold me tight,
    Inside your arms I'll be alright...

  • Fathers v. Dads (3)

    by Amara

    He's there when you get up in the
    Morning, But he's not when you go To bed at night...

  • For My Dad, With Love On Fathers Day (3)

    by ºCrimsonTearsº

    I sit here watching you, pen to paper,
    Waiting for words to flow from my heart...

  • Daddy's little girl (3)

    by Ashleigh

    I'm your little girl daddy
    as i sit here on your lap...

  • Can't believe I'm about to have a new relative
    Well, the doctor called and said your test was...