Poems About Graduation

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  • The graduation speech (22)

    by BECCA lessTHANthree

    Fellow classmates.. and faculty
    i know what your waiting to hear...

  • Leaving You (13)

    by twisted reality

    **This one was hard enough to write as a friend...
    Leaving you will be so hard...

  • Graduation (12)

    by twisted reality

    The more I look back on all the happy times
    The easier it is for me to realize...

  • Walk through the open door (10)

    by The Angel of Secrets

    Once upon a time, in a dump of a school,
    a exited, yet scared crowd awaits...

  • Eyes that don't see
    see the things that you do...

  • I Can't Tolerate! (10)

    by Shokry Al Qubati

    Such a fate!
    Four years passed; I wish they could be six or...

  • Graduation (8)

    by amber

    Standing in my gown
    Starting at the crowd...

  • It was like just yesterday
    We were the new kids in school...

  • Graduation Week (8)

    by Kalee

    Finally it is here
    The one we have been waiting for all year...

  • As i graduate (7)

    by Jessica

    Thirteen years have passed,
    With moments that will forever last...

  • Life death,
    Love friends...

  • Valedictorian (7)

    by pseudo

    While I'm standing in the church
    I feel a rush or fear...