Mothers Day Poems

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  • Motherhod (1) 4

    by Benny

    Motherhood isn't a competition;to see who has the...
    It's a journey through life itself.showing her...

  • in the eyes of Ayasha (4) 2

    by Dancing Rivers

    In the storm blue eyes of my daughter
    I saw the love of God shine on me...

  • A Special Mother

    by Crissy Taylor

    Through the years she's held our hands,
    She never failed to understand...

  • Beginnings (2) 3

    by Dancing Rivers

    What to do what to do
    when to being a mommy you are new...

  • Happy mothers day (2) 1

    by jamie baldwin

    Happy Mothers Day Regina Lynne,
    Award for all time Mom, for you win...

  • My heart is full of sorrow

    by Shontaye Frye

    Everyday I feel like a motherless child knowing...
    it just hurts to know that I will never hear your...

  • Dedicated to Mom (1)

    by Ravi Madan

    Come along, Come with me,
    I'll show the hands that cares for me...

  • For you mom..... (2)

    by shree

    You were there before me
    you are there after me...

  • Reconciliation (2)

    by Maneesh Gautam

    Ma..I thought I will wish you on Mother's Day..
    I wished sweetest words, greetings and doodled...

  • Guess

    by Ole Carsten

    Normally I don't show myself
    I am always totally covered...

  • Mother, you are everything (2)

    by LittleMermaid

    The first word I utter in pain
    The first person I want in joy...

  • Mom mom

    by lindzie

    Gods daughter from above
    Clean as a white dove...