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  • Seventeen years ago
    our world was changed forever...

  • Class of 2009! (1)

    by Hannah M.

    We're the class that can't be beat
    so sit back and take a seat...

  • The Two Trees (16)

    by Leah20

    Two trees stand
    Above them all...

  • Halloween Legend Tribute (7)

    by Lance Hardy

    Halloween night
    Oh what a fright...

  • A new baby girl (1)

    by Heidi

    A glisten of sunshine throughout the night
    Fulfilling their dreams with sheer delight...

  • The Miracle Of Life..... (23)

    by Becky drake

    I'm very proud for my son and his wife,
    For they've seen the miracle, the beginning of...

  • Jealousy (2)

    by Catie

    What is this after me?
    A green monster that I see...

  • The x factor (1)

    by x factor

    I breath for moments like this
    moments of feeling alive...

    Reverend King, one of the most influential black...

  • New Years 07 (4)

    by Lindsay

    Wii scars
    Glass on bars...

  • I Swear

    by yvonne

    I swear to you i wouldn't brake your heart,
    I would never make it fall apart...

  • Sitting in this class
    I'm sitting on my ass...