Special Event Poems

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  • Vows (2)

    by Oluwaseye Olayode Taiwo

    By Taiwo O. Oluwaseye...

  • Another Year Older

    by Mark Rawlins

    With aches in my shoulder, my legs and my thighs,
    another year older, but still none the wiser...

  • Unshared Realities (Halloween) (3)

    by Larry Chamberlin

    There are times
    I feel the need...

  • My dear friends how sad am I
    On this fateful day to say goodbye...

  • Their first Dance

  • Sober (1)

    by Fading Memory

    Don't be afraid
    we're going to die...

  • Twenty first

    by C Cattaway

    A day is a day. A memory for ever.
    I may have been young, but we got through it...

  • Befriending Misery (1) 2 HM

    by Dark Secrets


  • Baby Ava's Angels (3)

    by BlueJay

    You never knew them. You aren't related
    in anyway - but someone once spoke your name...

  • Free falling (letting go) (8) 1

    by butterfly

    At last I'm free, falling apart, but rising up.
    I'm leaving this place of ashes and dust...

  • Pop! Pop! Boom! (3)

    by BlueJay

    We sat there staring at empty skies
    waiting for a signal. Something...

  • A dream

    by Kitty Kurse

    I dreamed that I died, it felt so real, so I had...
    It's cold, my heart's racing, water surrounds me...