Poems For Weddings

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  • Blessed Dove (7)

    by eternitySOlong

    ***I wrote this poem for my brother and...
    Hearts with mending stitches...

  • Caught Up in My Thoughts

    by Jesus Freak Forever

    Im sitting here caught up in my thoughts
    Without you I would feel so alone and lost...

  • For My Cousin (4)

    by katy

    On your wedding day,
    Together you chose...

  • Ring of One (1)

    by Stephanie

    With this ring, here we stand,
    Full of love, hand in hand...

  • A Forest Wedding (1)

    by McKenzieSerenity

    A forest of trees and grass and sunlight,
    The smell of autumn hangs heavy in the air...

  • Our Day (1)

    by Steffi

    I take my last look the mirror,
    take a deep breath and tell myself...

  • She wakes up that morning
    With a smile on her face...

  • A Father's Love (2)

    by Charissa

    Look at you an image in white
    Or should I say an angel that shines so bright...

  • I remember when we were little
    All the things we used to do...

  • I'm getting married daddy
    todays my special day...

  • The Moment (7)

    by Aaron Deevers

    I stand here before you
    Staring into your eyes...

  • Words of Wisdom (3)

    by Gary R Priester

    My son you've just married
    Life begins a new phase...