Other Dark Poems

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  • The Killer (64) 2

    by Mark Spencer

    The Killer
    By Mark Spencer...

  • I know there are times when I treat you so bad
    I don't give you the love and respect you deserve...

  • First Song (48)

    by Gem

    Please take a look at this picture before reading...

  • I Can't Take This Anymore (48)

    by Jenni Marie

    I'm eating breakfast
    Sitting in my chair...

  • She sat in front of the mirror
    and started to braid her hair...

  • Goodbye Pain (40)

    by Brittany C

    You are crying,
    Because you are dying...

  • Bleeding Mascara (39)

    by Natalie

    A Tear of pain fills up her most beautiful eyes,
    Shimmering in the dark behind her own disguise...

  • Torn Apart (38)

    by Torn

    Pulling my hair,
    Screeching your name...

  • Fallen Angels (37)

    by Jenni Marie

    The sky is grey, clouds are black
    Smoke billows across bloodstained ground...

  • Retrospection (37) WIN

    by Kaitlin Kristina

    Locked, Into deep retrospection
    Hind sight blinding, Interjection...

  • Hostage (36)

    by Jenni Marie

    Darkness overcomes me
    I've been given such a fright...

  • Bulimia (35)

    by Tainted Beauty

    Holding in the tears,
    As I stare into my porcelain sanctuary...