Poems About Life

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  • Upside Down (1) 1

    by N3MO

    ~Upside Down~
    Before my eyes shut I stop and pray...

  • Pursed lips sip red wine 
    calculating an escape...

  • Momma, is that you? 1


    Momma, is that you?
    As I sit inside my garage with it’s door...

  • Look, our children
    are playing in the snow...

  • The Angel in Prison (2) 2

    by Maple Tree

    She was placed in an environment
    where lost angels have gathered...

  • I'm Good...How Do You Know?

    by Poetically Vivid

    You say that I'm good... How do you know? Do I...

  • If Only You Knew (1) 2

    by Jamie

    Is it ironic that i was named
    after a version of the bible...

  • Fruits of the Loom

    by Jonathan Jewell

    Sometimes when I'm very bored,
    I like to take the time...

  • Dead Poem Society (2) 2

    by Jonathan Jewell

    One day I found a poem,
    It was sleeping in its bed...

  • The Lure (2) 1


    The Lure
    To a fish near a line, it is a thing of beauty...

  • Mother (Senryu) (4) 2

    by Daniel

    She fell pregnant.
    He remembered the words...

  • History (2) 3

    by Dagmar Wilson

    Life is a masterpiece of repeating history
    power, money and greed...