Poems About Life

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  • Invisible Walls

    by Walter

    I think we are all mindset
    Within our circle we all stay...

  • Muni Farm (2013-9)

    by Dreamsurfer

    The green was refreshing,
    The planting and weeding was training plus...

  • Church

    by Dreamsurfer

    Rush to Church!
    There is no other place that can match...

  • Lugbara

    by Dreamsurfer

    My mother tongue has a very limited vocabulary.
    Some words when pronounced differently mean...

  • And the rain keeps falling (2) 4

    by Dagmar Wilson

    Look around
    tell me what you see...

  • The Mood of Music

    by BOB GALLO

    This is
    the Saba’s* weft of waft...

  • Slang

    by Dreamsurfer

    Every civilisation has its own language,
    It is a form of solidarity...

  • Kyebando

    by Dreamsurfer

    One by one makes a bundle,
    Like Kyebando...

  • Source Of The Nile

    by Dreamsurfer

    People come from far and wide,
    To see this river...

  • Terminus

    by Dreamsurfer

    There is power in the name,
    Of JESUS Christ of Nazareth...

  • Heaven, Not Hell

    by Dreamsurfer

    Where will I spend eternity?
    I pray it is not Hell...

  • To hail from the portals of a prestigious school,
    Is the hallmark of being ‘learned’ according...