Poems About Life

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  • life (1) 1

    by swathi

    Life is a journey full of mystery,
    Wonders play a role for many strangers like me...

  • Make believe (2) 1

    by Hazel (Dancing Rivers) Phillips-Dube

    Born free
    I was raised to believe...

  • Polarity 1

    by Hazel (Dancing Rivers) Phillips-Dube

    Polarity at play
    We open a window...

  • Con Air (1) 1

    by cantchangeme

    Fade and shade are new constants
    Constant change that connects continents...

  • The Train of Dreams


    The Train of Dreams
    As the old steam engine locomotive locked it’s...

  • Winter 1

    by Tanya Southey

    In the winter of the
    frozen prayers...

  • Hues of Living (5) 5

    by Larry Chamberlin

    Give me the blue of speed
    as I race across the fields...

  • Rust (3) 3

    by Matt Carroll

    A mistake repeated is really a conscious decision
    Willingness to neglect those who beg you to listen...

  • Thankful 3

    by AnnaCG

    When the leaves change
    And the air grows cold...

  • This is my fight 2

    by Dagmar Wilson

    I was thrown out of the tower
    left to bleed...

  • Always 1

    by Matt Carroll

    Always the shoulder to cry on, the ears that...
    The wide eyes that see all of your impulsive...

  • Our Human Ways (1) 4

    by Mark

    When I foresee the doom pollution brings:
    I rush to fresher air, but sighing more...