when the seagulls danced

by Star   Oct 17, 2022

you unswivel through the past
as you trip over your imagination,
there's something in this night that’s unsettling
you said when I found you
drowning in pots of paint.
lets watch the seagulls dance
with the ghosts of past,
"But you're color blind " I said.
so you stood up and
splashed them with
mismatching hues,
creating a
of nostalgia


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  • 1 year ago

    by BOB GALLO

    As I predicted when you signed as "Star," you are a great talent.
    I am never wrong on this. I use to (then when I was watching all the movies released) my chosen actors and movies of the year was matched with the oscars' winners and nominees. My friend mocked me if I were one of the judges.
    Here, in this site I was the first one who acknowledged, Adel, Karla, Ben... and so many other for the first time. now all gone with their great poetries.

    "...mismatching hues,
    creating a
    of nostalgia"

    This, even seemingly the punchline, doesn't work for me. I can't see " kaleidoscope " as mismatching hues. I see it as some kind of spectrum. Your simile, even though genius, reminds me of fashion's mismatching of colours, rather than the ones of the symmetrical rainbows.

    • 1 year ago

      by Star

      Even if a kaleidoscope is a spectrum, it does have mismatching hues, like some colors look good together while others dont, the way it captures light/images/colors, and even then thats a matter of opinion. If we go with how you defined a it as a spectrum capturing light or colors to form one coherent pattern, the same goes with nostalgia it doesnt come out of one thing but with an experience/memories/people/etc and with different layers to it creating that one thing nostalgia.

      I'm not arguing or anything I genuinely like it when anyone give their opinion it's so interesting to me. And thank you so much for always reading and acknowledging me as a talent even though I don't feel like I am, Im doing what I love when I can :)

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