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I'm Antonia. I'm seventeen. My fiance Daniel and I have been together for a year and eight months. Most of my poems are about exes, because for some reason I can only write poems when I'm sad, so I don't really write poems anymore, because everytime I try they come out really chessey. I'm recently adding poems that I wrote awhile ago but haven't put on yet, I hope you like them. :D I love reading poems, so I could see other peoples style of writing and to get ideas of how to improve my work, because right now I think I have a problem about really going into details in my writing. If you want me to read your poems just message me, but I'll except the favor back.

**RRC my poems & I'll return the favor.

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  • *and if it all falls apart,
    ii will know deep in my heart,
    dha onlyyy dream that mattered had come true.
    in dis life, ii was loved by youhh.

    [not minesz]

    12 years ago
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  • *it happen, it'sz real.
    it'sz amazinqq how ii feel.
    it'sz a qift from up above,
    yess ii have found lovee.

    12 years ago
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  • *it only hurtsz when your eyesz are open
    liesz qet tossed and truth isz spokennn
    it only hurtsz wen dhat door getsz opened
    dreamsz are lost and heartsz are broken.

    [not minesz]

    12 years ago
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