Poems About Love and Friendship

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  • You Have One New Message (26)

    by Goran Rahim

    I click,
    Again and again...

  • Even though i haven't known you for that long of a...
    You are a really good friend who's stayed right by...

  • Heartwork (4)

    by Captain Lonesome

    The angels brushed beauty into the trees
    The comforting colors mingle with the breeze...

  • Tears of an Angel

    by HiddenFromView

    For the Heart thats been broken deep inside you
    i send you this Angel...

  • Blue Eyes, Blue Eyes.

    by Curing the Comon Cliche

    Oceans away,
    A world of your own...

  • Sixteen is much more than just a number.
    It's when, for the first time in her life...

  • Sunrise

    by RoseBlood

    I never had a feeling like this
    I don't think I can describe it...

  • You're The Reason (3) 1

    by Tiiffaanyy

    You're the reason why
    I no longer feel sorrow...

  • Eyes As Deep As The Ocean... (3)

    by rich sanchez

    Eyes as deep as the ocean
    a heart as large as the sea...

  • Long Denied (12)

    by Crystal Rose Blooming

    This morning I woke and to my surprise
    No more teardrops filled my eyes...

  • Never Say Goodbye (12) 1

    by Sora Lynn

    When I received the call,
    I didn't believe a word...

  • Un-broken Fairytale (13)

    by charles

    I'll come to you on the silent midnight breeze
    speaking my words that only your heart sees...