Poems About Meaning of Life

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  • V I (1) 1

    by tobias kinti

    open fire
    it’s always been open fire...

  • In Search of a Pearl (2) 2

    by Ronald Edwards

    The slightest irritation
    can aggravate my life...

  • Icarus (1) 3

    by Ronald Edwards

    Alcohol gave me wings
    to fly...

  • In living colure 2

    by Ronald Edwards

    Painting with colures
    of yesterday...

  • In my line of view (1) 1

    by Ronald Edwards

    Everyday I watch and see
    the days events past by...

  • I I I (1) 1

    by tobias kinti

    dust is the truth of life
    old mas sow seeds besides the highway...

  • You have a choice (4) 3

    by Dagmar Wilson

    The choices I have made in life
    they all came with a price...

  • Live Once (4) 4

    by Alex Yew

    We live once
    So forget about the pains...

  • Deep sea delving (6) 3 HM

    by Michael

    I go in search of vitality
    and innovation among...

  • Birds of a feather (6) 3 HM

    by Michael

    A Raven-ous croaking echoed a haunting screech!
    Frenetic flapping, they flock...

  • Dreams (Acrostic) (10) 5

    by Michael

    Disparate visions, dwell in my mind.
    Reels of metaphysical images...

  • Kindness has no Price (2) 3

    by Alex Yew

    It is everyone's virtue
    I suppose...