Other poems about life

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  • A Pathetic Society (4) 1

    by Robert Long

    dark as a shadow
    moving in the night...

  • Forgive and Forget. (10) 5

    by Justen Smith

    "I Dedicate this to the honour of all those who...
    So much hate...

  • Cruel World (6) 5

    by Gwenyth Hill

    I don't think we realise
    Just how cruel this world can be...

  • All Wishing In Vain (4) 4

    by Gwenyth Hill

    Heads are down
    and tears are stalling...

  • Endless (7) 3

    by C J T

    Endless tears
    Endless coping...

  • Three steps back..
    I have followed my path stubbornly, hoping for the...

  • persistently airy,
    presently absent...

  • I don't do mind games

    by Seth Rowley

    I don't do mind games.
    Tell me outright if you need me to give you some...

  • Courage Under Fire (2) 1

    by Vince Gullaci

    My mother
    didn't have a word...

  • Silence

    by In love wid MRR

    Silence I thought,
    Was the one language all feel...

  • Redefined (1) 1

    by A.J.P.

    Finding all that I need
    Failures the only way to succeed...

  • Death Parliament (1) 1

    by cantchangeme

    Because killing is what we do
    Because we're not controlling you...