Other poems about life

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  • Christmas in the Philippines (9) 5

    by mossgirl19

    The lights are heading downtown
    where Santa sits in a red chair, smiling...

  • adulting (3) 3

    by pmmurphy

    let me lay waste the final tapestry...

  • The Chair or the Chamber (3) 2

    by Larry Chamberlin

    Twenty-six killed, twenty injured
    in a small rural Texas town...

  • Tired (10) 5

    by Vince Gullaci

    I'm tired
    more tired...

  • 1.
    a countless slumber...

  • 4 am (4) 3

    by Beautiful Chaos

    It burns at 4 in the morning
    When your eyes won't close...

  • Loco-emotion (18) 8 HM

    by Kitty Cat Lady

    Quiet contemplation
    My reflection in glass like a ghost...

  • Bar Scene (4) 4

    by Mayday

    It was a night of excuses from both ends-
    surrounded by strangers and plastered friends...

  • The Worst War 1

    by Alice

    Bleeding feet.
    Boot-soles torn in jagged stripes...

  • Cogitating our path,
    the many possibilities...

  • Karma (4) 2

    by Kitty Cat Lady

    Yes, you have the power
    But it's based on money and lies...

  • Metaphorically Speaking

    by Vince Gullaci

    I missed the rain
    but the metaphorical hit...