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  • Oversighting

    by Satish Verma

    With shaking hands
    you give a fatal push...

  • Dark Days

    by Hope

    I've hit cardiac arrest-
    what a conundrum just like the pendulum...

  • Midnight blue skies-
    what would be the one thing you'd see...

  • Eternal (1) 1

    by Tanya Southey

    The owl came last night
    it’s never been before...

  • Pregnant Summer (2) 4

    by Ben Pickard

    As the summer sun shines upon our children,
    casting ever longer shadows with the passing of...

  • To Andrea (Maple Tree) (3) 3

    by Larry Chamberlin

    She has a secret smile;
    it could be from anything...

  • Ang Hugyaw (1)

    by Eminent Bard

    (kinutlo gikan sa basahon nga atik2x sumala ni...
    Sa akung pagduyan2...

  • The Sweet Divorce

    by Sagedream

    Every Air I Breath In Scream To Be With Your Smile
    In Dreams And Reality Your Words Soothes My...

  • Hope

    by Sagedream

    Sometimes You Feel Like You Are Torn Apart
    But You Still Breath With Hope...

  • It Bakes My Essence
    Thinking About That Misery Called Love...

  • A Sailor’s Philosophy (1) 1

    by Tapan Ghosh

    Life has its own pace and flow
    Sometimes fast, sometimes slow...

  • Lost Love, Real Love (1) 1

    by Glenn Gay

    I met a woman when my life was at its low
    Suicide had grown heavy like a weight around my...