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~ tell me a lie and I'll believe it, tell me the truth and I'll question it ~

I'm a country girl who lives to smile, laugh, enjoy those beautiful moments I'll be bipolar as heck but I believe in love and respect if you want to know me go right on ahead I don't mind making new friends!!

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  • It's the soul in the person that I crave to be friends with, anything else it's a liability. Got it?

    2 years ago
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  • Go ahead, and blow me a
    goodbye kiss in my direction, I
    dare you, but when I'm truly gone
    don't be surprised if you miss me
    now and again!

    2 years ago
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  • I'm not waiting for that knight that will save me, since I can save myself just fine! What I can only hope I find is a love that will make me burn inside with passion and happiness for the rest of my days.

    2 years ago
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