Poems About Lost Relationships

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  • Lessons In Love

    by Baby Rainbow

    I wanted you so much,
    but you were never around...

  • Forever Out of Love

    by Baby Rainbow

    Was it all a part of our plan
    to break me down so much...

  • Heart Grinding

    by Baby Rainbow

    Everywhere I look around,
    memories of you grind me to the ground...

  • Silently Drowning

    by Baby Rainbow

    I can't believe that a love which felt so strong,
    so alive like nothing else matters...

  • Etched

    by Baby Rainbow

    I am trying to make my insecurities
    disappear from my eyes every time you look at me...

  • I am glad the thoughts inside my mind
    are mine and mine alone...

  • Angela (2) 2

    by Tony

    Mom, you passed on your addictions to me
    The only difference is our priorities...

  • Mind (1) 1

    by Victor

    Memories I want to forget keep surfacing
    Were they real, or just figments of a bad dream...

  • Lies and Alcohol (2) 2

    by david hollas

    Lies come so easily to you
    The truth is alien to you...

  • When Everything Becomes Nothing (1) 5

    by Baby Rainbow

    All the phone calls,
    all the texts...

  • Hell On Earth (1) 2

    by Baby Rainbow

    It hurts like hell to know that you are not around...
    to calm these screaming fears...

  • Frozen Blue (1) 1

    by Baby Rainbow

    You still owe me a reason
    for leaving me alone to cry...