Poems About Lost Relationships

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  • Torturous Alone (4) 1

    by Rei Severs

    Life goes on, but I'm not strong,
    On repeat, the same old song...

  • Laid to Rest (2) 2

    by BlueJay

    I think I'm giving up on you,
    it's not that I don't love you...

  • Burry the butterflies.
    You gave them life with the first touch...

  • Thoughts Ran Wild (1) 2

    by Hope

    I thought I belonged here, it's just the end, so...
    here we go, go the flow, go with the flow down...

  • Ghosting (12) 7

    by Ren

    I wanted to love you
    louder than your demons...

  • I did love you

    by Karen Montegrande

    I really don't know what went wrong,
    I just woke up one day humming that sad song...

  • Can't call it Love (2) 1

    by Karen Montegrande

    I noticed myself staring blankly on the wall,
    Then I realized I was meant to take the fall...

  • I'm missing you

    by Karen Montegrande

    We shared good memories,
    We shared the tears...

  • There Was

    by Some Random Human

    There was a place in my chest,
    where my heart used to rest...

  • It's hard to be missing somebody

    by Karen Montegrande

    Life sometimes surprises us,
    with just about everything we really quite don't...

  • Leaving You

    by Karen Montegrande

    Never picture out the day we would part
    Because I know that it will break my heart...

  • Love in Dead Spaces (5) 4

    by Milo

    The dead space between our hearts
    Is the distance between you and I...