Poems About Lost Relationships

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  • Heartbroken (3) 2

    by Stephanie

    I thought I found my happily ever after
    Now I wonder does that even exist...

  • I can't say exactly what's on my mind.
    I am not tough but I try to be...

  • I Remember (1) 1

    by DarkNDangerous

    I remember.
    All those mornings with you...

  • Past Recollection (1) 2

    by UtterlyAlive

    Maybe if I took off all of my clothes you would...
    I know you pay to watch other people do it...

  • Last Time

    by Dominesha Jackson

    I shouldn’t be thinking of you every second of...
    I shouldn’t say I love you when you feel the way...

  • Confessions

    by Dominesha Jackson

    I thought I was over you but you was right
    your like a drug and I’m addicted to you...

  • Red Light Run (1) 1

    by Victoria Ramey

    Here he comes,
    Bite my tongue...

  • Overpriced

    by Beautiful Chaos

    I hate your guts
    Despise your face...

  • -hugs-

    by Cloud’s Strife

    I always thought
    That holding you was worth...

  • You’ll never know

    by Cloud’s Strife

    You’ll never know
    How much I cared...

  • I Told You So (1)

    by Cloud’s Strife

    I told you so
    When we first met I said...

  • Again

    by Cloud’s Strife

    I look again
    I remembered again...