Poems About Lost Relationships

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  • Abuse

    by Obscure

    Anger swells inside my heart
    What's a punch ...just one or two...

  • Momma (2) 3 HM

    by Obscure

    I saw my mother struggle
    with the tears that filled her eyes...

  • Reverse Time

    by fenix flight

    Can we go back to simpler days?
    When I didnt think this was all a mistake...

  • I hate you!
    You've shattered my heart...

  • When You Love Someone

    by fenix flight

    When you love someone
    you'd do anything to protect them...

  • Our happiest day
    Start of our lives together...

  • I asked myself, why didn’t you love me?
    I traveled two hundred miles to see you...

  • Regicidal Vegetable (1) 1

    by The Monster you Trust

    Verdant patterns reeling
    and feeling like a tree...

  • I Dreamed Again

    by Cloud’s Strife

    I dreamed of you again last night
    You held me...

  • Lost (1) 2

    by Paul Hirst

    My Ocean no longer returns to the shore
    Words written in sand no more...

  • Healing

    by Yanett C.

    I lost myself in a labyrinth of lies
    awoken from the truth, a dead-end dream...

  • I found you in the middle of the darkness, so i...