Poems About Lost Relationships

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  • Have you ever felt like
    all you had was gone...

  • Murder or suicide? (232) 1

    by amelia

    This story that I'm saying,
    it happened & its true...

  • Seeing you so happy
    Completely tears me apart...

  • What Happened To Us... (22)

    by Kailynn Makenna

    I used to say I loved you
    And that you were the one...

  • When Forever Ends (25)

    by DaddysLittleDefect

    She lived a life of solitude.
    She lived a life of chains...

  • I Died Without Your Love (33)

    by Mariah Pettigrew

    I Died Without Your Love
    She lays there in the darkness...

  • How many? (10) 2 WIN

    by Anthony M

    How many restless nights must pass
    how many miles must I ride...

  • Love gone forever (43) 1

    by Melvin LeVeque

    What do I do when you say you don't care?
    And the pain is far too deep for me to bear...

  • In a Whisper (30)

    by Freddie

    I know its not that good but i needed to get it...
    I've had enough, I'm giving up, I see no reason...

  • Tears In The Rain (15)

    by Dennis

    It rained the day that I broke my own heart
    Stood crying there...our souls apart...

  • Lonely and Perfect
    Lonely are wolves without a pack...

  • Faded Words (17)

    by Dennis

    Tomorrow's promises remained in yesterday
    Faded words she once meant yet not enough to stay...